Server side concepts#

Directory structure#

Once $ php octower.phar server:init is executed on the server it creates the following directory structure :

+-- octower.phar
+-- octower.json
+-- releases
|   +-- v1
|   +-- v2
+-- current
+-- shared

Server side octower.json file#

    "name": "Octower Server",
    "type": "server",
    "config": {
        "max-number-release": 4

Working with release#

You can see all the installed releases with the $ php octower.phar server:release:list command.

Then you can enable one release with the $ php octower.phar server:release:enable <release_version> command. This will create a symbolic link between the release you gave in parameter and the current folder. The current folder needs to be the folder that is exposed in your webserver.

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